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10 Tips for Planning a Wedding Like an Event Professional

A wedding is one of the most important days in any couple’s lives. Planning your own wedding can sometimes feel overwhelming and stressful, but if you follow these stress-free tips below, you will find planning your wedding will be smooth sailing, and more enjoyable from an expert event professional mindset. 1) Set a Budget, and Stick To It Weddings can be very expensive, and just like any other event, you may find yourself wanting to add additional items to your master l.. {read more}

3 Reasons to have a gazebo for your beach wedding ceremony

You will have millions of decisions to make for your wedding day, including decoration for your ceremony, reception, after party, etc… Today I am going to give you 3 reasons to have a gazebo for your beach wedding ceremony. 1) It looks amazing for pictures! Not only during the ceremony, but you can also have family pic.. {read more}

3 things every destination wedding website must have

The road from "Yes" to happily ever after can be rocky and filled with fear, especially when it comes to destination weddings, geography adds another layer of complexity to the whole process. The website of your destination wedding vendor can make or break your expectations towards planning at a distance. Here are three things that every destination wedding website mast have so you can rely on their services. 1. It takes a bride to get to know a bride There's no easier way to be reas.. {read more}

3 things to know before booking a Destination Wedding in Cancun & Riviera Maya Mexico

Many brides mentioned they decided to have a destination wedding in Cancun and Riviera Maya because of the weather, the view and the price. I agree with them but sometimes what makes this destination so beautiful can become an issue. Cancun and Riviera Maya is part of the Mexican Caribe; we have some of the best beaches and wedding locations in the world. In this part of Mexico you will find many different wedding options, .. {read more}

3 unique ways to reuse bridesmaid’s bouquets and save money.

Don’t know what to do with your bridesmaids bouquets? Why not reuse them after the ceremony? Here are some options that will make your wedding look great and will help you with your budget. The first thing you need to do is ask your hotel wedding planner or décor vender to rent you or even better give you for free of charge crystal cylinders or mason jars. If the rental cost for the vases is too high, you can consider purchasing them in your country and bringing them with yo.. {read more}

4 good reason not to have bridesmaids at your wedding

Being a wedding planner and not being married yet, I have gathered many tips for my wedding and one of them is that “I will not be having bridesmaids”. Want to know why? Well here are my 4 good reasons why I don't recommend or want bridesmaids, based on past real weddings. You know what they say, there can only be 1 star. Well, your wedding is the day for you to shine as the star you are. Well, that that is how I think it should be, but that is not how it is always is. .. {read more}

4 Types of Ceremonies for your destination wedding in Cancun or Riviera Maya

One of the very first decisions you need to make for your destination wedding is to decide which type of wedding ceremony you will have. This decision could be a little tough if you are not well informed about the requirements for each type and the difference between them. Here you will find a list of the most common ceremonies: Symbolic There are different rituals for symbolic ceremonies such as the hand ceremony, the unity candle or the sand ceremony, which is one o.. {read more}

4 Types of Ceremonies for your destination wedding in Cancun or Riviera Maya

One of the very first decisions you need to make for your destination wedding is to decide which type of wedding ceremony you will have. This decision could be a little tough if you are not well informed about the requirements for each type and the difference between them. Here you will find a list of the most common ceremonies: Symbolic There are different rituals for symbolic ceremonies such as the hand ceremony, the unity candle or the sand ceremony, which is one o.. {read more}

5 ways to decorate your Ceremony Aisle.

When choosing your wedding ceremony décor, it can be a difficult decision, as there are so many beautiful options available. Your ceremony aisle is the perfect location to add décor which not only reflects your personal tastes, but to enrich the occasion, and welcome and receive all your family and friends. Here are 5 different ways to create a ceremony aisle worthy of your big entrance! Mason Jars with Baby’s Breath .. {read more}


It was a wonderful sunny Thursday when I met Darce and Vincent, she was a Mexican bride marrying her French groom, and both of them were really organized and paid attention to every little detail. When a couple like this one knock your door it’s amazing how you can get along with them and work together for their big day. So I felt so honored to have a couple like this, we had everything ready and set since 3 months before their wedding day. We review everything one thing at a time, and mad.. {read more}

A Halloween Wedding

Last year I got a booking for a wedding on 31st October. My first thought…the Bride and Groom must like Halloween! I began to wonder if this was a strategically chosen date, (maybe they got engaged on the 31st?) or maybe they just like Halloween. There was only one way to find out, so I called them. They told me that they loved everything about Halloween, and that they also loved everything about the Mexican holiday Day of the Dead. The Day of the Dead holiday focuses on gathering.. {read more}

A horse shoe in your bouquet

When Vicky told me she wanted me to put a horse shoe in her bouquet as she had Scottish family. I received the news as a new challenge. I love challenges. I kept thinking on how to incorporate it to her bouquet. Vicky also mentioned preferably not showing the horse shoe. Then I kept thinking and here is the process and the result. .. {read more}

A perfect rustic wedding

For Jessica and Jeff, finding the perfect location was everything. So after searching and planning, they chose the perfect destination beach wedding so that they could spent a week with their closes friends and family: Riviera Maya. Jessica and Jeff, wanted to planning the process to be as quickly and simple as possible, so they got married six months after getting engaged. They have some difficulties between the process –As Jessica said- for example, I had to bought thr.. {read more}

A sandy and summer wedding.

Now that you have decided on a destination wedding by the Beach, a few things that can cross your mind is, how you can decor your ceremony to have an elegant and unique touch without minimazing the uniqueness colors of the Caribbean Sea. Almost all year around you will enjoy the vibrant sun and the incredible breeze of Cancun and the Mayan Riviera and though you might think that the beach doesn´t need to much decoration, you might be right. But there are always small details .. {read more}

A sweet idea for your guests

Why is a candy bar a good idea? Well first of all everybody loves candies, chocolates and chips or snacks. Also, it is a really nice detail for your guests when you are having a cocktail hour without appetizers, or if you are having a long reception for more than three hours, the Candy Bar could work as a midnight snack. Believe me, after all the dancing and drinking people get hungry! You could even put your wedding cake on a cake stand with all the candies around it. .. {read more}

A tablecloth can make a big difference in your destination wedding!!!

When choosing wedding décor, I have noticed that many brides for some reason forget about their tablecloth or leave them as a last option for their décor, when they should be one of the first options when considering elements for décor. The whole look of your wedding can change adding only a beautiful tablecloth; there are so many different shades and colors to choose from, that once you ask your decorator for options you will be impressed with all the options availa.. {read more}

A unexpected and adorable oversized decor!

We are always looking for something unique, something that makes the difference from others, and it’s the same situation for your wedding day. One of the most important parts of your wedding, it’s definitely THE DECOR. Have you ever thought adding something unusual? something that makes impact? If you have, then a good option is a new trend called OVERSIZED letters. You can use your monograms or L.O.V.E. letters or whatever you like because they are perfect for custo.. {read more}

A very cute guest for your destination wedding

Struggling on what to add to your Destination wedding? Here is an inexpensive, yet fun way to start your wonderful experience. Invite a very cute guest that everybody will love. From China to Italy, Marco Polo brought Piñata to Europe. Piñata traveled to Mexico during 16th century. Since then, it has been a leader in all Mexican festivities. We believe that having a Piñata in a celebration will bring abundance and will discard their bad energies with every punch. .. {read more}

Add a touch of color to your ceremony aisle

Add a touch of color to your ceremony aisle. When you know that you want some kind of décor, but not sure exactly what you are looking for, because you like the clean look or it just goes over your budget. Why not add a touch of color with natural rose petals? The price is very accessible and will give that punch of color to your wedding ceremony. It does not matter if your ceremony is an outside location or an inside locations, with aisle runner or just sand, petals will look.. {read more}

Adding natural flowers to your wedding cake can add a very romantic touch!!!

Looking for a fresh way to décor your wedding cake? Why not add natural flowers coordinated to your bridal bouquet. There lots of versions regarding using or not natural flowers on wedding cakes, however not everything you hear or read is true. It is true that not all flowers are appropriate for cake decoration. Some flowers are naturally toxic for consumption; others are harmful because of pesticide use. Below you will find.. {read more}

All Inclusive Resort Pro’s!

When you start to plan your Destination Wedding Venue, one of the most important thoughts that you will have is…. What if my guests don’t like it? It’s sound shocking, but it´s true. They are doing a long trip because they want to be there for you on the most important day of your life. You want to offer them the best option, becaus.. {read more}

All White wedding

It is not unusual that a bride comes to us saying that her theme color is all White. Maybe it is because having a destination wedding either in Cancun or Riviera Maya having their guests dressed in a variety of colorful outfits, the natural backdrop that the turquoise blue sea offers, will be the focus. So if you are in this case, don´t feel like you are doing the wrong thing about asking your guest for White attires. I can assure you that it will be unique, elegant and ori.. {read more}

Always have a backup plan!

Theresa and her future husband finally had found their photographer for their dream destination wedding at Riviera Maya! They really fell in love with his work and quality; that’s why they selected him even 5 months before their wedding date. Everything went very well until 15 days before their big day and Theresa began emailing him to clear last details but there was no response back until 5 days before the wedding …Guess what happe.. {read more}

Amazing dancefloors

Amazing dancefloors (// from latinasia latinasia ( {read more}

An oasis of privacy and calm: Le Rêve

“Hotel Le Rêve was born, as its name says in French, from a dream”. Le Rêve is an adults only hotel near from Playa del Carmen and Cancun. Surrounding by Riviera Maya which is filled with nature parks and impressive archeological sites…it’s the perfect private setting for enjoying a magical moment of beauty and peacefulness in Riviera Maya. Design. Le rêve is located between the jungle and gorgeous Caribbean Sea. It is designed and b.. {read more}

Avoid 6 common mistakes when planning your wedding!!

Let’s face it… Planning your wedding is not an easy process. Maybe you have it all planned in your mind, but it could happen that things are not going as you wish and you may feel disappointed or frustrated. I know it’s super exciting and inspiring to check out all details, like your wedding dress, your locations, flowers, jewelry, make up, photography and even your honeymoon but at the end, there is a lot to do and everybody will have different options and opinions.. {read more}

Avoid bad experiences with flowers!

Priscilla was so excited! She was planning every detail for her summer wedding in Riviera Maya. Finally her dream was coming true. She was looking for a florist at least 1 year before her wedding. And there was a particular company she really felt connected. At the beginning there was a lot of email exchanges, it seemed to go everything perfect…They gave her the idea of how the arrangements would look like, types of flowers, exact colors..She always dreamed about having her wedd.. {read more}

Avoid disastrous color combinations

Creating a stylish and an authentic wedding can become very complicated. It seems like all brides want something very elegant, cohesive, relaxed and most importantly, beautiful, but mixing all the correct elements to create that perfect blend of colors is not as easy as it seems. With endless options for your wedding colors it can be much more difficult for you to choose your theme. There are so many inspiration websites with lots of ideas and styles, it’s easy to want a little bit.. {read more}

Avoid over spending

Everybody knows that when it comes down to your big day everything must be perfect and outstanding. You want to be able enjoy your wedding as well as keeping your guest amazed. Occasionally brides are looking for surprises to amaze their guests, for example, having Sparklers or Sky Lanterns. These are great ideas, but there are a few things to consider before spending money on such items. First .. {read more}


It is amazing when we can perfectly understand the couple’s needs, this happened to me with Jessica & Duane. The first time I met them was great and shocking at the same time. Jessica was the first bride that arrived to my office with a scrapbook of all her wedding details, with little notes on the sides with specifications of each picture and what she liked of each image. She knew what she wanted, nothing more, nothing less. They came t.. {read more}

Baby’s Breath… Traditional elegance yet trendy and modern

A flower that is a symbol of everlasting love and pureness, no wonder it is such a popular wedding flower!!! Baby’s breath (real name Gypsophilia) is cloudlike, with a light and elegant appearance. For many years it was only used as a filler for bouquets, boutonnieres or corsages, but nowadays it is popular for all different aspects of wedding décor and personal flowers. Here are some examples of how to incorporate this beautiful flower into your wedding décor. .. {read more}

Banyan Tree Mayakoba

You got the ring and suddenly all has to be prepared for your wedding day!!! and you have decided is going to be a destination wedding. So the endless search for the perfect venue has started… These are not my words but Colleen and Ryan’s…a lovely couple planning their destination wedding. The beginning sounds fun, but after searching a little bit, it could be overwhelming and very stressful. So here we present only the best choices for a destination weddi.. {read more}


The Barceló Maya Grand Resort combines a Caribbean paradise with the best service, which is why it is one of the top resorts for weddings in the Caribbean. Far from the definition of a conventional wedding, the resort’s 1.2 miles beach offers magical locations for the best beach weddings along the Mexican Caribbean coast, including an array of gardens, ballrooms, and the most gorgeous gazebos and altars on the beach. The Barceló Maya is also known for its abilit.. {read more}

Be nice to your hotel wedding planner, so she can be nice to you back.

I understand completely why a bride can be nervous on her wedding day; she wants everything to be perfect, especially in a destination wedding. The stress of the wedding, of 30 or sometimes up to 250 guests that paid for air fare, hotel and transportation, what if they don’t like the resort, the food, the music or flowers? It can all be a bit too much stress for only one person. Who can save the bride and take the weight off her shoulders? Well I got news for you, that person is the Hotel .. {read more}

Beach Palace Resort.

When thinking about planning a Destination Wedding, you will want to find the perfect Hotel with a pristine location, the best beach and the best service. That is why LATINASIA is pleased to recommend a great option for your destination wedding venue, Beach Palace Cancun. With almost 300 rooms you will get to enjoy your stay with an amazing Ocean View or perhaps enjoy an unforgettable sunset with a Lagoon View Room. Experien.. {read more}

Beach wedding…take off your shoes!

The water, THE SAND, the breeze. What’s not to love about a beach destination wedding in Cancun or Riviera Maya? When we’re talking about beach wedding , most people never wear shoes. Why it’s that? because a barefoot wedding it’s the perfect image of a beach destination wedding. Other reason it’s comfort. Just think about it a moment… your bridesmaids walking in heels on sand could be a challenge! .. {read more}


As a vendor, one of the most important parts about a destination wedding in Cancun or Riviera Maya, is the production process. Have you ever thought about what is involved to produce a destination wedding? The process for making happen your big day are simple but very very important steps: 1. Worksheet based on your PO. After our expert wedding planners help you out to choose the best selections for your fin.. {read more}

Behind the scenes of a Wedding reception.

When you see a beautiful wedding reception set up, is hard to imagine all the hard work that is behind to make this happen. It may look like is just a couple of tables and chairs and lighting, but in order to make this happen, there is a lot of work behind. Work that you are paying for and that needs to be perfect, that is why it is very important to always let know what is going to take to make this happen. Latin Asia could be classified for some as a décor company. But the true .. {read more}

Behind the scenes of your beautiful wedding centerpiece

When you see a beautiful wedding centerpiece you cannot even begin to imagine how much work and detail goes into creating it. In order to create that perfect centerpiece, is necessary to know all names of over 200 types of flowers, and how to create that perfect combination of flower. Every country or region has its own variety of flowers available. I understand that you may not be familiar with every type of flower available or have any idea how to combine different varieties to create .. {read more}

Behind your destination wedding: Site inspection - Love at first sight

Planning a site inspection trip to the destination wedding location you are going to have your dream wedding, is one of the smartest decisions you will make. Many brides, however, avoid taking this site inspection visit for one reason: They think it is just a waste of money. But let me tell you something, a site inspection also has its benefits: Will not only save you time and money but it also ease your nervousness about planning a destination wedding from far. Here are some tips to ma.. {read more}

Being a wedding planner - The good, the bad and the ugly

I remember once having a bride mention to me that my job is like the “McDonalds” of the wedding industry, I felt so sad to hear that! She thought that because I coordinated so many weddings every month, every wedding would be “Just another wedding for me”, however, this is not the case, and I’m sure that I’m not the only wedding coordinator that feels this way. I want to share with you the fabulous and the ugly part of being a wedding planne.. {read more}

Blend in or pop up your chairs

An item as simple as the chairs sometimes can be a really tough decision to take whist planning your destination wedding. Here you will find some advice that will help you choose the correct chairs considering factors like comfort, design and of course part of the decoration overall. 1. If you are thinking of having a natural rustic ceremony, these ones could be the best option as they are made of bamboo. For a more natural look you can choose without cushions. These type of chai.. {read more}


If you are into the Bohemian Chic trend, fear no more because this amazing and unique style is not going anywhere. What exactly is the concept Boho-Chic? Is the idea to incorpórate elements from nature with touches of romanticism and every brides individual touch. Some brides might see it more as a influenced from the hippie culture for its free spirit but for the Bohemian brides and grooms is more about fashion; the airy dresses and flower crowns! And as for their.. {read more}

Breaking the mold

Every now and then you find your self with a bride that likes to do untraditional things and likes to dare to do something different and fun. And when you do, as a professional logistic and planning all you can do is embrace it and go along onto this amazing adventure. Doing things a little bit different can go from choosing fun and different decoration with edgy colors, to untraditional wedding gowns. You might feel nervous and .. {read more}

Bridesmaid bouquets…yay or nay?

So the planning has begun and you have determined your color scheme. One of the first things I’m sure you would have narrowed down is the color of your bridesmaid dresses (or at least a few options!) This is a big step in putting together the overall look and a key element for your big day. A few weeks ago a bride asked me if it was really necessary for her bridesmaids to have bouquets, and if so, what should they be like. The first thing I told her was that tradition or n.. {read more}

Bringing your own décor items?

No matter if you wedding is in your home town, or thousands of miles away in a beautiful Caribbean resort, the one thing every wedding couple wants for their special day is for it to be unique and personalized. In my previous job as a Hotel Wedding Coordinator, I would ask couples if are bring personal décor with them, and on many occasions I would discuss with the bride and groom (prior to their arrival) that we would assist them by placing their personal items such as special fa.. {read more}

Cancun & Riviera Maya, THE best Indian food for your destination wedding

When you get invited to a South Asian wedding you know that you will have at least 3 days of partying, dancing, drinking and eating. Having a South Asian destination wedding without the correct vendors can be hell. Well TASTE OF INDIA is THE restaurant when it comes to Indian food. Gulab Singh originally from Garhwal Uttrakhand, North of India. He has THE best Indian restaurant in Cancun. Once you try their dishes and c.. {read more}

Cancun or Riviera Maya? Tough decision!

Mexico’s Caribbean coastline stretches more than 75 miles and includes Cancun and the Riviera Maya. The breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea are the perfect frame for unique photos of your ceremony and wedding reception, memories and images that will last forever! So you’ve got the ring, now jump into the planning! Both destinations are within an hour’s drive and have a wide range of wedding venues from white sand beaches to stunning terraces. .. {read more}

Cancun the best Destination Wedding location in Mexico

Destination weddings are becoming more and more popular, having your wedding in a beautiful, exotic location full of culture. It’s just the best way to have your closest friends and family attend your wedding in paradise away from home and throw in a little vacation for them at the same time. One of the most popular places for destination weddings in Mexico is Cancun. There are so many different, wonderful locations offering stunning views, unbeatable beaches and amazing all-inclusive .. {read more}

Candles for an outdoor wedding? No problem!

Most of brides, loves candle lights and there is nothing wrong about that. Candles immediately evoke that romantic ambiance but there are some things we should consider when we are going to add that touch of light on a wedding: location and if the venue allows candles. Melissa was planning her wedding for almost a year and the big day was already here! It seems to be the perfect wedding: A beautiful outdoor reception at the beach, gorgeous floral centerpieces, spectacular tablecloths and.. {read more}

Color ideas for weddings

Is very important before you start to quote anything, you determinate the color scheme you want to use for your wedding decoration, here are some different ideas that could help you to determine what you want. THE POPULAR Pink shades are defiantly the most popular. Not necessarily Barbie pink (unless you like that concept!) Playing with different shades and textures looks great, for example having blush roses and gold vases or gold plate chargers and.. {read more}

Color me this

A lot of brides might think that the first stressful thing that they have to handle is choosing the right theme color. And it might sound like a simple task but when you think it through is what will define most of your decoration, bridesmaid dresses, invitation among other things. As a decorator is important to ask what is the theme color to give you a better guiadence but I have had lots of brides that havent decide their color yet, which is totally fine, becauuse perhaps you can.. {read more}

Colorful Wedding

One big decision many brides face when planning their wedding is what colors to choose. Some have them picked out since they were little girls. Others are going into the engagement with absolutely no idea what to choose. However, a way to get away with choosing official colors and still have a beautiful wedding is having a colorful wedding. Much like having a themed wedding, colors are a central decor and bridal party outfit planning base. You.. {read more}

Creative Wedding Welcome Signs

Once you have finished deciding your decor, your flowers, your seatting arrangement it is time now to take care of the small details. From the many weddings that I have seen and helped with I can assure you that details are the ones that surprise your guests and make everybody feel welcome. A very important detail and the first one that your guest see as they arrive to your ceremony is a Welcome Sign. Keep in mind that this sign will offer a taste of what your guest should expect f.. {read more}

Dazzle your guests with your entrance table…

They say the first impression is the most important, so why don’t you make your entrance table that wow factor for your wedding reception. Having an entrance table use to be just name cards and a cute little centerpiece, however times have changed, weddings have changed and traditions have changed. Decorations should not only be pleasing to the eye for your guests, but also should add a touch of fun for when they look for their names. Why don’t you add an extra something .. {read more}

Decoration items you can’t miss for a beach reception

Majority of brides that get married at Cancun and the Riviera Maya, prefer to have their reception on the beach, of course! They get so many ideas online that they can get in a point that they are not longer focused on their needs and away from their first inspirational vision. Luckily, they can find professional vendors that love helping couples to achieve their concept and style. Latin Asia has so many ideas and the best suggestions for the right decoration elements when the recept.. {read more}

Destination Wedding Checklist

We all know how time flies by, especially when you have hundreds of things to do and not enough time to do it in. As your wedding date gets closer, here are a few tips for things to do and organize in time so that when that precious day comes, you get to enjoy, relax and cherish every moment. Double check your flights and hotel bookings It might sound like stating the obvious, but I assure you, for complete peace of mind – double check everything! From ground transportation to.. {read more}

Destination Wedding Planning Timeline

Destination weddings are becoming more and more popular, with many coupleschoosing to keep their guest list limited ( in order to have their wedding in a beautiful, exotic location. It’s a great way to have your closest friends and family attend your wedding in an amazing location away from home and also throw in a little vacation for them at the same time. One of the most popular places for people to have destination wed.. {read more}

Destination Wedding Planning Tips

Here are your most pressing dilemmas when it comes to planning a destination wedding — and how to solve them. Question: How far in advance should we arrive at our destination before the big day? Answer: Find out the legalities of your destination. Is there a residency requirement for you to obtain a marriage license? The USVI doesn’t require residency, but the couple does need to appear in person at the court on a business day to pick up the license. It&rsq.. {read more}

Different types of white roses!!!

Many many years ago, when I stared working as a wedding planner, I had a bride that was obsessed with her bouquet. I asked her to send me a photo of the bouquet she had in mind and when I saw the photo I said “this is easy, it is all white roses”. Days before the wedding, I called the florist and said please send me a white rose bouquet. Since I was not aware of all the different types of white roses available I didn’t specify the exact rose. .. {read more}

DIY Projects for your wedding…is it a good idea?

I remember when I received a last minute inquiry from a desperate bride looking for help; she was terrified when she realized her DIY projects were not working out as well as she had planned. Tara was looking to create her own wedding décor. She wanted to bring her own DIY bases and buy flowers from a wholesale florist in town, she also wanted to do her own big LOVE letters, to bring a personalized wooden sign for the ceremony and bring Paper lanterns with LED lights to hang in th.. {read more}

DIY your wedding flowers, does it worth it?

I have seen many brides looking to DIY some parts of their wedding floral décor thinking that by they doing it, it will not only save a lots of money but also will be a fun experience to share with their friends and family and I have seen many brides don’t do DIY their wedding floral décor because, it is a lot of hard work and stress for them. Photo by Dean Sanderson .. {read more}

Do not underestimate the work of a professional

Wedding decoration can be hard work, it takes time to achieve the concept and style that the wedding couple have dreamt about and taking all the details into consideration. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to see how some couples like to have their relatives help them with their décor. Normally they bring many suitcases full of wonderful decorations, and the family set everything up, however, this is not always the easiest or best option to choose. .. {read more}

Don`t be afraid to make changes, it`s your Wedding!

Making the final decisions for your ceremony decor can be a tough call. I’m sure that like me, you have researched and seen hundreds of options, it can all become a little overwhelming, not to mention all the other details! When you start to narrow down some of your ideas, things get a little easier for you to visualize the entire concept, but what if you just can’t decide? This is something completely normal and understandable, of course, you want your wedding ceremony beaut.. {read more}

Don´t do anything NEW before your Wedding day!

Today I am going to tell you a true story that will hopefully make you or your fiancé understand why you shouldn´t do anything NEW before your wedding day! Last February, I had a couple who had the idea of a beautiful wedding on the shores of the Caribbean beach; which ultimately was not as successful as planned. Two days before the wedding my client's fiancé decided to have his bachelor party with his friends and his brother. They decided to rent jet sk.. {read more}

Don´t give up on having what you envisioned

Who said you have to give up on having great flower decor for your destination wedding because is way over your budget? I constantly hear this statement from many brides thinking that the solution is to use cheap flowers instead. The true is that if you use cheap flowers, your finish look won´t be the same as you pictured it in your mind. It is like trying to create a BMW using the cheapest car parts available, much likely to a mission impossible. .. {read more}

Don´t regret…sometimes is too late.

Don´t regret…sometimes is too late. As a bridal industry professional for over 7 years, I know the very first thing you should let your brides know, is the fact you are a truly professional on what you do, regardless of whatever question they asked you. This morning, I woke up to get ready for a wedding, and as usual I checked my e mails. There was an email from one of my very good photographer friends and had this amazing message: “Once a bride wrote me: .. {read more}

Don´t regret…sometimes is too late.

As a bridal industry professional for over 7 years, I know the very first thing you should let your brides know, is the fact you are a truly professional on what you do, regardless of whatever question they asked you. This morning, I woke up to get ready for a wedding, and as usual I checked my e mails. There was an email from one of my very good photographer friends and had this amazing message: “Once a bride wrote me: “You must be out of your mind for trying to .. {read more}


Many couples still follow the Rehearsal Dinner tradition. Sometimes they are so focused on getting all the decoration together for the big day, that they can easily forget about the decoration for this important event, and don’t even consider it in the total budget for the decoration. Here are 5 tips to decorate your rehearsal dinner event: 1. Be different, but using the same style: as you already have your wedding style settled try not to go so far from that, keep the sam.. {read more}

Don’t make everything by your own!

No matter where your wedding will be, I’m sure about one thing, you want your wedding to be the most special, unique and personalized one. And as good and special it is, there is a common mistake that some brides make, trying to elaborate all related to their wedding by their own. Christina got married last year, and bring a lot of stuff to decorate her welcome party, ceremony and reception. Christina would be helped by her mother and he.. {read more}

Don't get confused

Choosing the right elements impacts in the finish look. Having said that: ü It is not tacky, it is elegant; ü It is not colorful, it is vibrant; ü It is not monotone, it is blending in; ü It is not multicolor, it is contrasting; ü It is not about "goes well with" it is about being cohesive ü It is not about add, it is about combine; ü It is not about remove, it is about to select; &uu.. {read more}

Dreams Tulum Resort & Spa

Dreams Resorts & Spas offer a high level of luxury for couples and couples with children, in ideal beachfront settings. Spacious rooms and suites, graciously appointed and luxuriously equipped provide a picture-perfect vacation experience with welcoming service and romantic inclusions. Beautiful and exciting destinations provide a lovely setting for a wedding, honeymoon, romantic getaway or family vacation. Best of all, most every amenity is included as part of Unlimited-Luxury®. .. {read more}

Embrace the destination: Mexico

Destination weddings are a dream for many couples. Because of its close proximity to the US and its amazing beach resorts, Mexico has been a favorite among couples who are hoping to plan the perfect getaway wedding. Planning a destination wedding can be stressful because there are so many elements involved, choosing the right destination, complying with local regulations, coordinating your guest list, find the perfect flights, howeve.. {read more}

Endless Love True Story

Do not be surprised by what I am about to tell you. I was on the wedding reception of a beautiful bride many years ago. I was welcoming the guests at the reception and also helping the hostess to assign them their table. It was a big wedding, lots of friends and family from England joined the Caribbean for this amazing couple: Anne and Joe. As I was welcoming the guests, I saw a medium age gentleman approaching to the welcome table, I asked him his name so I can look thr.. {read more}

Escape to Now Jade Riviera Cancun

Set along 2,600 feet of pure crystal white sand and refreshing azure waters, combining understated sophistication with Unlimited-Luxury® amenities, Now Jade Riviera Cancun redefines all-inclusive and offers the perfect escape for couples, families and friends. The Unlimited-Luxury® experience at Now Jade Riviera Cancun, where everything is included, is redefining all-inclusive. Spacious rooms and suites are graciously appointed.. {read more}

Extra touches to make your wedding a memorable experience

Every bride wants to enjoy their wedding and to be a phenomenal host. Guests will not only remember how great the ceremony and party was, but also remember the small details. Here are some tips you might want to consider when planning your destination wedding. Weather If you are having a very early ceremony, an important factor to consider will be the heat. A way to help keep your guests cool is with this elegant shading. It will also make your ceremony location.. {read more}

First impressions are everything!

For a long time, cocktail hour has been the time when bride & groom, family and friends take photos and socialize before the reception begins. Maybe at this point, you are thinking that this portion of your wedding day is not your biggest planning priority but it’s important. Why? cocktail hour will create guest’s first impression of your reception and we all know that first impressions are so important! This portion of your big day can become i.. {read more}

From Black tie to Casual

When you invite your family and friends to your Destination Wedding, it will be thoughtful to specify from the get go what type of attire should they wear for your Wedding. If it either a black tie or a Casual dressing code they need to know in order to pack the right outfit, that way they wont fill underdress or overdressed. You might think it is not a big deal but your decoration has a lot to do and will cause a big impact on how your guest wil feel. For example, if you are havin.. {read more}

From start to the end: Wedding Ceremony setting up

Today it’s the big day and it’s time set up all the décor for your special day. Have you ever thought about how is the process to create an amazing and unforgettable moment like your wedding ceremony? First of all, at the location it’s time to unloading all carefully prepared décor elements chosen. Next, our staff it’s ready to set up: Gazebo poles, anchors, Tensors, Drap.. {read more}

Funny Wedding

Today , social networks are present in our daily life and the day of your wedding is no exception. There is a new trend that involves fun elements to subtract a bit of seriousness to this formal event and that helps relax the guests and the happy couple . A bride wrote to tell us that her wedding would be anything but boring and needed some ideas to become this special occasion into a worldwide event. Is there anything more international than .. {read more}

Generations Riviera Maya:A relaxed resort for everyone

Our guests of all ages will have an unforgettable vacation at the award-winning resort, a 144 all suite Gourmet Inclusive® paradise, located in the heart of Riviera Maya. Relax with your couple under the Caribbean sun’s caress as your children have fun in the Eko Kids Club, the perfect place to live ecological adventures and learn in a supervised space. You and the older members of your family can indulge in the facilities of our sister properties, El Dorado Royale a Spa .. {read more}

Give It Some Thought

Many men and women have their perfect destination wedding in mind, sometimes years before they even get the ring. But when you’re officially engaged and that planning reality comes, it’s time to buckle down and really consider if you still want that horse-drawn carriage you envisioned when you were a teenager. Here are some things to think about and discuss with your fiance: Will it be a big or a small wedding? What time of year or season do you prefer? Indoor o.. {read more}

Golden Parnassus Resort & Spa

Located at the stunning Caribbean beach and Cancun lagoon, this delightful All-inclusive resort will definitely make your dreamy wedding day come true. It's an Only-adults concept that embraces the perfect ambiance for a such an important celebration as your wedding day, offering: 214 Ocean or Lagoon view rooms, 6 Restaurants, 4 Bars, 24 hours room service, oceanfront pool area, a magical theater with spectacular shows every ni.. {read more}

Grand Bahia Principe Tulum

Nestled within the Mayan paradise of Mexico’s Riviera Maya, Grand Bahia Principe Tulum’s naturally exotic surroundings create a lush backdrop for a vibrant resort with an array of family-friendly activities. Tulum's beachside villa rooms come equipped with lavish accommodations and are all just steps away from the resort's impeccable beach. With a relaxing spa, gorgeous pool deck and nearby casino, there's something new to try every day. .. {read more}

Great Parnasuss Cancun

When you plan your Destination Wedding in Mexico, one of the first things you vision will be a picturesque beach. White sand stretching for miles, beautiful turquoise blue waters and a sea breeze. The Great Parnassus is situated in the hotel zone in Cancun, where you will find just that! With 505 rooms, all of which will either have a stunning beach or lagoon view, there’s plenty of .. {read more}

Groom Friendly

When I get to do a wedding where the groom is involve in every step of the planning process, I have to make sure to keep his interest on all the time and not loose him somehwere in between flowers and colors. It is so much fun and ladies, lets be honest, it is so much better to share task, opinions and you can even shared the excitment and the feeling of preparing everything for your big day, after all it is a day where 2 persons are getting married to each other, so make sure he i.. {read more}

Hacienda Tres Rios

If you are looking for a romantic with a place were love and nature blends together. Look no more. That place does exist and it is called Hacienda Tres Rios. A place were you will experience the direct contact with nature, surrounded by a true Mayan enviroment that will take your wedding to a hole new level. If you are looking to dazzle your guest, the surroundings of this wonderful Hotel will do the work for you. .. {read more}

Hard Rock Cancun

If you are looking for a stress free destination wedding but with a unique touch, Latin Asia has the perfect advice for you. If you are still looking for an All Inclusive Hotel but with a special and very different touch, look no further! When you arrive to you destination wedding hotel, you and your guests deserve to be treated like VIPs. But, how about making you feel like rock stars? At Hard Rock you will feel welcome and ready to enjoy the exciting adventure you are about to ex.. {read more}

Heels on your beach ceremony?…Choose the right set up!!!

When you picture your destination beach wedding, you are dreaming of you walking down the aisle with a beautiful dress on high heels… just like a princess. Everything it’s almost perfect except one thing…. sand and heels are not a good match. Have you ever thought on using an aisle runner for your wedding? Why? Maybe you have already asked yourself whether using an aisl.. {read more}

Holiday Wedding

In a past blog I wrote about the do’s and dont’s about choosing the perfect date for your wedding. On this new blog I want to focus on the things to considérate if you choose to go for a holiday wedding. One of the main things that couples like about it is because they love the idea of a long weekend. Longer the weekned, longer the party, I am right? You get to spend more time with friends & family specially if you are doing a Destination Wedding. .. {read more}

How and why you should have a bridal bouquet

Have you ever taken the time to think why we have a bridal bouquet? Probably not, well originally bridal bouquets were made of herbs, which had magical and meaningful definitions for the couple's future life. Different herbs were used in bouquets, for example garlic had the power to cast off evil. If a bride carried sage (the herb of wisdom) she became wise; if she carried dill (the herb of lust) she became lusty. Others say that in the older cities in Europe, according to the Huffing.. {read more}

How to create a relaxed atmosphere for your Wedding Reception

After the wedding dinner, the moment that most of your guests are waiting for finally arrives! The dance floor awaits and lights are on, and your favorite songs start to be played…its party time! Everyone gets up and dance and some just stay seated watching these fun people having a great time. But how can you still have the relaxed atmosphere that you envisioned for your wedding reception? Well…you don’t know what a simple lounge furniture can do for you. It.. {read more}

How to create a relaxed atmosphere on your reception?

After the wedding dinner, the moment that most of your guests are waiting finally arrives! The dance floor and lights are on, and your favorite songs start to be played…its party time! Everyone gets up and dance and some just stay seated watching these fun people having a great time. But how can you still have the relaxed atmosphere that you envisioned for your wedding reception? Well…you don’t know what a simple lounge furniture can do for you. It is.. {read more}

How to surprise your bride on your wedding day

Brides spend hours, days and nights planning the destination wedding of their dreams. They definitely deserve an amazing beach destination wedding and much more! Grooms, if you are reading this you should take notes and tips if your destination wedding is approaching. The bride might be extremely stressed with all planning, so a nice surprise during her stay at the hotel or resort could turn into a moment that she will keep forever; that is why I will share with you some ideas on ho.. {read more}

How to Throw a Fantastic Wedding Reception in 3 Steps

Tip 1. Wedding receptions are big, elegant parties, but they don’t have to cost as much as you think. With a little creativity and the right guidance, you can create a romantic atmosphere without breaking your wallet for your big day. Tip 2. While a themed wedding may not be the best option for everyone, it will enable you to have a more focused approach to planning your reception decorations. By tying in all the wedding elements, such as centerpieces, flowers, favors, and ov.. {read more}

How we transport personal flowers

One of the most important elements of a destination wedding is the Bridal bouquet. Since the bride will be holding her bouquet when she walks into her ceremony, it will be one of the first things the guests and her husband to be will see (along with her stunning looks and dress!) Bouquets bring beauty, elegance, a touch of the color scheme, and a bit of the old custom to the wedding day. Not only for the bride, but for her bridesmaids too. The process to create and deliver stunning b.. {read more}

Hyatt Ziva

A stunning all-inclusive beachfront resort on the most beautiful strip of Punta Cancun, framed by the Caribbean Sea, Hyatt Ziva Cancun is a playful family escape on Mexico’s Coast. Experience the Evolution of All Inclusive luxury, where you are inspired to live in the moment. Find your bliss on white sand beaches, and play in the clear-blue waters of the sea. Relax in luxurious suites with balconies and breathtaking ocean views. Indulge your senses at 8 unique restaurants and 3 lounges.. {read more}

I do or I don’t? No more Glam

In recent years you have seen many brides to recreate their version of a royal wedding with full tall centerpieces and glamour everywhere, but this year, things are getting a bit different and you don’t need to go for a traditional, big and sophisticated wedding reception to have a dream wedding: Simple is the best and this time we are going to show you some tips and ideas to let your reception shine and being different. Bring .. {read more}

I don’t pay for this!!!

Trying to save a few dollars, many brides looking for cheap providers offering glamour and elegance for ridiculously cheap amount and then it happens; awaited day arrives and you soon realize that not everything is as it should be. For example, one of our bride, tired of visiting dress shops, decided to buy her dress with a supplier across the world. The dress was perfect and had everything she wanted; lace, beads and was on offer. Excited, the bride waited almost a month to rece.. {read more}

If I could plan it again...

“If I could plan it again” is what one of my clients said after her wedding when she realized that things didn’t go quiet as planned. She also realized that her guests were also there for a vacation, not only for her wedding. I have been in the wedding business for almost six years in Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Riviera Maya, and I can tell you that couples who decide to do a destination wedding are taking a lot of responsibility and compromise. What I never seem t.. {read more}

Indoor vs. Outdoor Wedding Ceremony: Pros & Cons

I’m sure you’ve been dreaming of an amazing wedding ceremony where you have as a backdrop the one and only Caribbean sea, indeed beautiful but there are a few important pros and cons to consider, if you are like many other brides out there who are struggling with the decision to hold their wedding indoors or outdoors, the next few tips may help you with this though decision! Outdoor Wedding Pro: The purpose of.. {read more}

Insider Secrets for a Flawless, Relaxing Wedding Day

How many times we have heard a bride saying after her wedding, “It all went by so fast!”? Once you’ve spent all that time planning the look, the feel and they style of your wedding, it makes sense that you want to enjoy the day, right? That’s why we bring to you a few insider tips we have compiled in order to help you relax and enjoy every moment of your wedding. SECRET # 1 – Allow lots of extra time in your wedding day. .. {read more}

Is it necessary for bridesmaid to carry bouquets?

Bridesmaids traditionally carry small bouquets as they walk down the aisle, but a bride should feel free to buck tradition when she wants, particularly when it comes to the look of her wedding. Sarah had already chose her bridal bouquet and after looking up for what would be the best option for her bridesmaids to carry on her wedding ceremony, she started to wonder if it was really necessary for her bridesmaids to carry a bouquet. Sarah wanted something different, something that would .. {read more}

It is not just about flowers!

Many brides’wedding vision involves spectacular, big and full of flowers centerpieces. In two words WOW factor. But, are you looking for a nontraditional floral centerpiece idea? If so, who said that main focus of centerpieces had to be strictly floral? Use candles Classic beauty will never get old fashioned. Groupings of pillar candles in different heights and some simple but beautiful arrangements it’s all what you need to make your wedding reception as elegant .. {read more}

It seemed to be a perfect wedding but…

Elizabeth and David wanted a dream wedding in paradise, surrounded by their beloved ones. What could be better than that? They chose a perfect place located in the heart of Riviera Maya, a beautiful hotel with such lovely natural areas. Once they had decided the perfect venue, it was time to concentrate on details… Cocktail hour and reception dinner would be held at the hotel, while religious ceremony would take place at Playa del Carmen’s chapel. They pa.. {read more}

Its all about rehearsing

During the planning process I can assure you that the question of: How practical is to have a Rehearsal Dinner? Should I even consider it? What type of decoration should I have? The answers are super simple; is highly recommended. although is not mandatory. Along the way it will help you in so many ways, for example, you will be giving your bridal party the opportunity of getting to know each other instead of having them introduce the moment of the ceremony plus it will give you an.. {read more}

King and Queen’s Throne

Every bride and groom try to think on every single detail that will take care of their guest needs, as well. They try to cover every decoration detail their wedding might need. They think on everybody else, but them! Is important to remember that is your wedding and that you too deserve that special attention you are giving to your guest. So, having a simple decoration for the chairs you will be using, will definetly make a statement on who the King and the Queen of the party is. S.. {read more}

Kore Tulum

Start experiencing world-class service from the moment you arrive. Kore Tulum is the only all-inclusive, adult only luxury resort in Tulum. Located in the paradise of Tulum, only 90 minutes away from the Cancun International Airport. Kore Tulum offers 94 spacious suites with Jacuzzi and beautiful views of the tropical gardens or the seductive colors that surround the Mexican Caribbean Ocean. All suite features One king bed or two double beds with Italian cotton linens. Pillow menu, furnish.. {read more}

Krystal Cancun

Most of the Hotels in Cancun have the privilege to have a dreamy and perfect color beach. But not all of them can say they have the beach that you can safety swim and have the turquoise color you see on magazines on your own pictures! The Hotel Krystal Cancun is prefectly located close to the night life and activities. You will not only experience the life in Cancun but your wedding will have the million dollar view. It features 520 mo.. {read more}

Light Up The Night at your wedding reception

WOW your guests with ambiance illumination Looking to light up the night at your wedding reception? Whoever said organizing a destination wedding was easy has never been married before. It can imply even more details than a traditional wedding, it can get quite stressful with all the details to take care of. During the organization progress, don’t forget to consider the illumination options for your events, it can be that extra WOW for your destination wedding ne.. {read more}

Light up your wedding day!

You’ve had your beautiful ceremony at Sunset, with a dreamy view of the Caribbean Sea. Your days not over yet! Now the real fun begins at your Reception. Here are some more ideas to create breathtaking ambiences with illumination. Reception entrance I love this idea! Sometimes dinner events can be informal, and might not have a hostess to show your guests the way to the reception area. An Illuminated paper lantern path will light up the walkway to your location.. {read more}

Looking for your piece of heaven? Hacienda Tres Rios

No matter what the ideal vision for your destination beach wedding is, you can plan a day filled with white sand, beautiful turquoise waters , and excellent service. Planning a destination wedding is easy if you know where to get started, but sometimes it’s not that easy to find the perfect venue. Do you need help finding the best venue for your wedding? Today we’ll bring to you a new option for a magic and indeed, an authentic destination wedding experience. All-.. {read more}

Lucky day, lucky wedding

Every wedding has to be perfect, from the invitations, the dress, the flowers, decoration, among other things. Some brides even look for the prefect day. Per say, the look for a renewed moon and even on a specific day of the week that will bring them luck, love and prosperity. Based on religious, culture or astrology, here are some days to consider tying the know and days to avoid! Tuesday .. {read more}

Mayan Ceremonies

The Riviera Maya offers so many incredible locations for Mayan Ceremonies, such as in the jungle, in Cenotes and the Beach. A traditional Mayan ceremony is spiritual and interactive, using the four basic elements (Fire, Earth, Water and Air) and the Universe. The Shaman is the one in charge of the ceremony and will bless the union setting an altar for the Mayan gods with flowers, fruits, seeds and fire. We recently collaborated with vendors Musicancun, for a Mayan wedding. They pro.. {read more}

Meet Joyce Mmapo Jablonski, a fun, experienced Riviera Maya Wedding planner

If you are looking for a relaxed, stress free and fun wedding, you must have Joyce as your wedding planner. Born and raised in South Africa and with a family that has been in the wedding business for many years. Owner and creator of Dream Weddings Riviera Maya and The Wedding Planner Coach, with 3 of the best wedding certifications in the world, LGBT friendly and more importantly, she is a very experienced wedding planner, wi.. {read more}

Millennials taking over

If you havent heard the term millennials, you must be living in another galaxy. But in case you havent, allow me to fill you in. Millennials is a generation that was born in the early 80’s and mid 90’s and are here to change the rules. They are the first digital natives and today are getting married! According to stadistics, 40% of the millennials come from divorce parents, therefore are more cautious in regards a commitment and wait longer before saying “I Do&rd.. {read more}

Mint color conection

The mint color is booming this summer, but for our girlfriend Amy, this color was more than a "color theme," it was the way to honor the memory of her mother. Before passing away, Amy’s mother, Julie, give a special ring, which our bride wanted to use as inspiration. But Amy didn’t know how to use this color, so our team got to work with some incredible proposals. The dress was ready!! .. {read more}

Mix up your reception wedding centerpieces!!!

Choosing your centerpiece can be more difficult that what you might have imagined, with so many options available it can become overwhelming. With different sizes, shapes and colors, it’s so hard to decide on your perfect wedding centerpiece. Well I have good news for you! The trend is to have more than just one style of centerpiece, you can have as many different centerpieces as long as they all have something in common so they all look in harmony. They can be different flowers an.. {read more}

Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort, the perfect resort for your Dream Destination Wedding

An all-inclusive resort divided into three sections; Sunrise, Nizuc and Grand, with more than 123 acres. A shuttle that goes lobby to lobby runs every 5-10 minutes, Large, Comfortable Rooms, 15 Restaurants to choose from and more. Only 15 minutes away from the Cancun International Airport. Moon Palace Resort practically invented destination weddings; they thought in the needs of all destination wedding couples and created private wedding locations for ceremony, cocktails and receptions... {read more}

More than meets the eye

More than meets the eye (// from latinasia latinasia ( {read more}

My type of love

My type of love (// from latinasia latinasia ( {read more}

My wedding flowers experience

It started one year ago, when I got engaged! As a wedding planner I took the freedom to start my wedding plans three months before the wedding day, because I know vendors, pricing, facilities and all the necessary things, so I tried to be calm, of course the dress was the only thing I bought two weeks after my engagement J As I wedding planner I felt very capable to do EVERYTHING, because my five years experiences supporting me, and I also decided to do my own centerpieces. Finding the .. {read more}

Naked Cake for Wedding Day!

Sometimes less is more! Simple, elegant and natural is the new trend for cakes in this year! The cakes are beautiful for themselves , as well as fruit or flowers. With the design and patience needed , can result in beautiful combinations like these: The Naked Wedding Cakes have declared war on the merengue and the ostentatious ornaments . They are multi.. {read more}

New trend… Rectangular Reception Tables

The trend many years ago was to fill up your wedding reception with round tables. Today, we have a new trend; Rectangular, long tables set up in a cozy family style, elegant chairs and with flower centerpieces and table runners. No need on having a special seating arrangement, or think where to seat that spinster cousin! With this style of seating, all your guests will feel they are part of your celebration. Here are 3 different exclusive weddings, showing the perfect example of this.. {read more}

No more headaches this is the formula to Find YOUR PERFECT VENDORS

“How to Find the Right Vendors for your Unforgettable Wedding?” You are about to plan your destination wedding, and I’m sure that one of your biggest fears is choosing wrong vendors. where do you start? what should you think when choosing a vendor? Which wedding vendors can be trusted? are there some parameters to follow when choosing a vendor? should you rely only in.. {read more}

Nontraditional wedding

Nowadays it’s not rare to come across a wedding couple that want things a little bit different on their wedding day. They want to spicy it up a bit and just have fun! For example, for one of my previous weddings, the groom was in a rock band and the bride was a Wedding Coordinator. When I learned about what they did for a living, I felt nervous. How can you surprise a wedding coordinator? So my mission was to impress them and take their rock wedding theme to another level. .. {read more}


If you have decided on a Destination Wedding because you want a more intimate celebration and a place where your guest can relax and witness a romantic set up on the Caribbean Sea, there are only a few hotels that can offer intimacy and beuty, all in one. Now Jade in Riviera Cancun will offer this and more. If you are looking for a romantic and unique spot, a place where you and your guest can get pampered with their exclusive customer service, you have found the perfect Hotel for.. {read more}

Now Sapphire

When you are searching for options for your Destination Wedding you must look for a Hotel that provides great service, amazing locations and everlasting memories Enjoy a family-friendly, modern vacation experience, where play and party are just steps away from peace and quiet. Spacious rooms and suites are luxuriously equipped with amenities. And the perfect setting for a family reunion, a wedding or a social group getaway. .. {read more}

Old Hollywood Glamour

Who doesn’t want to feel like a movie star? A Hollywood glamour wedding theme will help you feel just that way, and give an elegant and fun style to your wedding as well. Think about old-fashioned Hollywood, and the excitement of the red carpet. After all, if there’s any day you should act like a star, it’s your wedding day! ATTIRE Bride: Look for bias-cut dresses with v-necks and fish-tail hems. Groom: Black tie or white tie, go for the classic Fred Ais.. {read more}

OMNI Cancun Hotel & Villas

If you are looking for an amazing and stunning turquoise beach colors from the Caribbean Beach that identifies Cancun as the ultimate Destination Wedding with its unique color. Look no more as this great Hotel with its privilage location, will make you fall in love in an instant. We are talking about the one and only OMNI Cancun Hotel & Villa. You need to see it to believe it. It is so amazing that any decoration you have in mind for your wedding will match and blend prefectly .. {read more}

Omni Cancun Hotel & Villas - The perfect venue for your Destination Wedding

If you are looking for a unique and elegant yet contemporary Mexican style location for your destination wedding, The Omni Cancun Hotel & Villas has all that and more. An all-inclusive 5 star hotel, situated in the Hotel Zone strip, only 20 minutes from Cancun airport makes it a perfect location for easy transportation. If I were to describe in one word this hotel when planning a destination wedding, it would be “flexible”. From the sales staff to waiters and maint.. {read more}

Only Adults

When your start thinking on your guest list there is a question that crosses your mind that will affect directly on your guest list how should you move forward it. The question is: should your wedding be just adults? Or do you want to make it kid friendly? It could be a very sensitive issue because you dont want feelings to get hurt, but with this few steps, having an only adult wedding will make your decisión that much easier. Make it clear from the very beginning. There .. {read more}

Outdoor wedding? CHOOSE the right candles

Having an outdoor wedding in Cancun or Riviera Maya sounds really romantic, but it could be quite a challenge too. Think on things that help you enrich the natural elements you already have out there. Something nice, romantic, affordable, but most of all functional for an outdoor wedding. Outdoor weddings here at Cancun and Riviera Maya have already fabulous natural elements to work with; sunshine, sunset and then the sky with stars!, birds, lovely tropical plants and of course beautifu.. {read more}

Overwhelmed dealing with so much for your destination wedding?

Now that you have decided to have a destination wedding, you might been thinking about all that it’s involved in the planning process. Finding right vendors, invite all your friends, perfect location , wedding dress, flowers etc…Planning a wedding by your own is a big challenge and it’s really easy to get overwhelmed. This is where a professional destination wedding planner can be a BIG help. When having a destination wedding, many couples hire a wedding planner. .. {read more}

Owning your style

Owning your style (// from latinasia latinasia ( {read more}

Palace Resorts

Located within Mexico's finest destinations, there's a Palace Resorts for everyone! Unparalleled service and signature amenities, that's what sets the stage for an exceptional experience. Luxurious accommodations, 24 hour room service, world-class dining, wireless Internet, in-room double whirlpool tubs, unlimited phone calls to the Continental U.S., Canada and landlines in Mexico, and more. It's all included! Destination Weddings have many wonderful benefits you may not have consid.. {read more}

Persian Ceremony: Darya & Josh

Cancun and Riviera Maya are one of the most beautiful and favorite destination wedding locations for many brides, and it never stop to surprise me. I always enjoy weddings with traditional ethnic ceremonies such as Persian weddings. The match between the versatility and variety of beautiful locations - spectacular and gorgeous beaches, beautiful ballrooms- and the stylish and symbolic details for Persian weddings become an amazing mix. One of the Persian touches that I like the most is d.. {read more}

Petfriendly Wedding Experience

For many people, pets are considered a member of the family, so it is not surprising that many weddings today adopt the concept of "Pet friendly". If you want to have a destination wedding and you have your furry friend close, there are things to consider and one of them is that the stress in your pet can transform its behavior. It happened not so long ago, a couple traveled to Cancun to become their dream into reality with.. {read more}

Plain and boring wedding? Forget it, this is what you need!

Wow now you’re engaged! Or perhaps you are about to, and I’m sure you want to be prepared when that big moment comes. Whatever your situation it’s right now, be happy for the moment. Now, just think about your wedding for a moment… It’s a fact that nobody wants a boring and plain party for their wedding, every one’s looking for a “fun” and stunning wedding day, including you, right? Specifically talking, there is a simple ru.. {read more}

Planning process…lots of decisions to make!

When you are planning to have a destination wedding, you are about to go through emails, skype calls and if possible, a site inspection. Here is a true story of Jenny and Vincent that happened when I was working in another firm. Well, for Jenny and Vincent it was difficult for them to take decisions even when they had all their options. Time goes by so quickly and one day you realize that the wedding day is around the corner! .. {read more}

Practice makes perfect!

In your wedding day everything must to be perfect; your dress, decoration, flowers ... everything! But the road to perfection is long for our STAFF and the practice is everything. Our STAFF practices every day different settings up. For hours, new ways of achieving efficiency and perfection always taking care of the details are sought. The whole team participates and exhibits their point of views and constructive criticism about it. .. {read more}

Private residence VS in an All-inclusive hotel?

Last week I worked onsite in a wedding in a Private Villa. It was absolutely stunning. Picturesque views, private pool and beach, superb private facilities, even a chef! This got me thinking about weighing up the pros and cons of having a smaller private wedding function opposed to an all-inclusive mega hotel. Here are some of my views and thoughts of how to choose the right location for you. Accommodation In a private villa, it’s more than likely to have several bedrooms so yo.. {read more}

Pros and Cons of Beach Weddings

If you are planning to have your destination wedding in Cancun or Riviera Maya, most likely you are thinking about having your wedding ceremony by the beach but they do present special aspects, you may consider these pros and cons ahead of time to be prepared and not to have an unpleasant surprises on your wedding day! The “Pros” - Location, location, location, white sand beach and a majestic view of the Caribbean Sea? Sure! Perfect for epic pic.. {read more}

Rain, no fear

Name your one wedding fear. If you said rain on your wedding day, you are likely in good company. Many couples (especially those who plan for outdoors events) worry nothing more than a mere dizzle could ruin ther whole day. Remember that 5, 10 and 25 years from now, the very last thing on your mind will be the weather on your wedding day. You are marrying the love of your life, and that is for a lifetime. In the grand scheme of things, rain is probably the least tragic thing that .. {read more}

Real Wedding: From Broadway to Riviera Maya, Lauren & Lee

Riviera Maya is one of the most beautiful places on earth…Just imagine getting married here! Imagine your ceremony. Not much you need to do in terms of decor it, but Lauren (a well-known Broadway star) & Lee still added their own unique touches to their wedding. They decided to get married in Riviera Maya. “A fairy tale wedding” are the words used by Kimberly Richmond, a cut of edge destination wedding planner who orchestrated flawlessly Lauren and Lee dreams f.. {read more}

Real wedding: Paola & Antonio

When Paola and Antonio contacted me, the first thing they did was send me their décor inspiration photos. The saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” really gets put into context. You immediately get to vision the bride and grooms ideas. Theirs: Neutral, with gold accents. An elegant wedding color choice, especially for a beach ceremony and reception. So, I got to work, sending them options for their ceremony and reception décor. They loved the ideas! H.. {read more}

Real weddings: Erinn & Matt

“Dusty pink. blush and off white flowers…with a touch of mint“. Those were the exact words that Erinn mentioned when we first met at Hacienda Tres Rios. A “one of a kind wedding”, that’s what Erinn & Matt wanted, and that’s what they got! The result for they decor we created for them was a beautiful romantic, natural, rustic, vintage wedding for their family and friends at Hacienda Tres Rios in the heart of the Riviera Maya. Erinn wal.. {read more}

Real weddings: Sharon & Joshua

Riviera Maya destination weddings are always breathtaking. That is a fact. But having a destination wedding at Mayakoba it’s magical. Today our real destination wedding in Riviera Maya features beautiful turquoise waters, soft sand white flowers with dashes of magenta. A perfect combination for an elegant and fresh beach wedding. Everything about Sharon & Joshua wedding at Banyan Tree Mayakoba was simply beautiful and unique.Elizabeth Medina photography (http://www.eliza.. {read more}

Review of proffesionals in the bridal industry: Mexico News Travel

Mexico News Travel was founded with the vision of being the first search option of tourism in Mexico on the worldwide network”. Mexico News Travel Today, we want to introduce Mexico News Travel, a channel specialized on Tourism, which offer different options if you are about to choose a destination across Mexico for your destination wedding. What Mexico News Travel offers it’s a great platform where travelers as you have a wide variety of handy information throughout th.. {read more}

Right elements for your location

I’m sure, when you see a beautiful wedding reception set up, it is really hard to imagine all the hard work that is behind to make it happen. It seems to be just a couple of chairs, some tables, nice tablecloths …and also, It seems indoor or outdoor location doesn’t matter for making the perfect reception you have seen in magazines. But nothing is that easy, decisions are very important when we talk about choosing right elements for right locations. Imagine that the bi.. {read more}

S.O.S Stormy Weeding

The bright sun of the Riviera Maya conquer you, so now your destination wedding will be perfect ; the sea , the white sand , but ... . Oh! What is that? Black clouds are on the horizon. Yes, it's a storm. This is not the end of the world and is not the end of your special day. The weather is capricious and you should always consider a backup plan. This time , our bride had scheduled a wonderful wedding in front the sea , but , surprise ! From overnight , a sto.. {read more}

Sandos Playacar

Just like we are costantly innovating we like to work along with Hotels that are also innovating. In past post we have introduced and talked about different Hotels that we have the honered to work with and created magic moments together. In this ocassion I will like to talk about a great place that I am sure you will love and enjoy to the fullest. Sandos Playacar and just like the other Sandos properties has an excelent beach that will give you the true million dollar view. The bea.. {read more}

Say NO on the day Yes I do.

There’s no doubt about some things when you are getting married: So many details, responsibilities and arrangements. These things would make you to lose your mind and to get stress. Worries appears when it’s supposed to be a day full of joy. After all the planning and preparation you went through, you’re ready for “YES I do” day. But be prepared to say NO to these: 1. Some detai.. {read more}

Seasonal flowers. In or Out

When you have in mind the type and colors you want for your wedding is easy to google or look for flower options on Pinterest or any web site. The trick is, when you have a Destination Wedding, you have to verify ahead of time if the flower is available or not. If the color is doable or not. This is a very common question I get asked all the time, especially because not all the flowers are available in all the regions. It is important to know ahead of time what are you hoping for, .. {read more}

Site Inspections…are they worth it?...

Organizing a destination wedding in a different country may sound daunting, but with the right knowledge, preparation and guidance, you can do it! It is not always possible to visit the venue prior to the event, but it is an idea that could save you a lot of time and possibly stressful moments. Here a few important reasons why we recommend doing a Site Inspection of your wedding venue: Avoid unpleasant surprises It is important that you know everything that is.. {read more}

Something old, new, borrowed and blue, and a Rolling pin?!?

So we all know the tradition of receiving something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue for our wedding day. But have you ever heard about brides receiving a rolling pin?! So if this is something you have never heard of before, you are probably thinking it is very sexist and that it may be a form of representing a woman’s need to be in the kitchen. This is not the case. It is an Old English tradition, dating bac.. {read more}

Special Bar for you

Think about the one place that most of your guest stop by, that is there all night and brings the fun to the party. If you are thinking that the dancefloor, you are mistaken. If you are thinking the bar and if you are reconsidering and doublé thinking it, you are right! Is the bar. Is curious how is the one place that you people forget about, specially when you realize that the bar is the one place that your guest go to. Think about it, it is worth to invest in and make it b.. {read more}

Stunning Sikh wedding: Saj + Em

It is really rare to see an Indian Sikh wedding in the Riviera Maya, so Latin Asia and L´escape joined effort to bring it to life.Saj & Em decided to make a one of a kind extraordinary destination wedding experience Their wedding brought us into a deep ancient culture and made us realize that no matter the location, no matter the culture, it’s always about the same thing: telling the story, the way we see it Mehndi Everything starts one day after whe.. {read more}

Stylish rustic wedding ideas

If you are thinking of have a Rustic wedding theme, here are some ideas to help inspire you. The great thing about this style is that you can adapt it from the invitations to your ceremony and reception decor. The idea of a rustic wedding is to keep it simple, but not ordinary, so for the ceremony you have many options. Something that you can´t miss out is a burlap touch, this could be on a gazebo, a table runner for ceremony, on the chairs or benches or even in aisle decorations: .. {read more}

Sugar coat wedding

Every bride to be can agree with me that there is nothing more exciting than start planning for your wedding. But is during all the planning and the selecting and the taking decisions that you realized that not everything is sugar coat In ocassions you might feel like you dont know here to begin or what is the next step to take. And specially if you are having a destination wedding and you are not familiar with the venues. Remember that not everything has to be stressful, the way y.. {read more}

Summer wedding

Summer wedding (// from latinasia latinasia ( {read more}

Surprise, surprise!!!

I love when brides ask for original ideas for their wedding day. This May I had an amazing couple from Africa, Barika & Samihah; they were pregnant!!! They made a last minute decision to announce after their wedding ceremony a little secret, theirs baby’s sex. Barika & Samihah called my office around 10 am on the morning of their wedding, asking for ideas of how they can announce the sex of their baby during their cocktail hour. I was like ….. {read more}

Sweet wedding cake

One of the sweet moments everybody waits for during the reception after the dances is the famous cutting of the cake. Everybody gathers around the couple and the cake, they watched join hands, grab the knife and together cut a slice of the wedding cake. It is so special and important that even the photograher waits for it, sometimes even when his time is up he will just await for this sweet moment. But what does it mean? Why is it so important? Lets again and together learn and find out more.. {read more}

Sweeten your wedding with this advices!

I know so many couples that DEFINITELY want a candy bar in their wedding colors for their wedding. Every one loves chocolates, candies , sweets…What would be a better way to surprise their guests? A candy bar it’s something that will NEVER fails at weddings today. I’m sure you want to do something kind of unique that the guests will love, but you’re afraid this isn’t as exciting of an idea as it .. {read more}

Take a peek

There is to much to say when it comes to one important moment of your wedding day. Should you do a first look or should you wait until walking down the aisle to see for the first time your siginificant other. The truth is that there is many different opinions between modern brides and brides that like to keep it more traditional. But what does the groom has too say in all of this? You know that they will do almost everything that will make their life easier and as long as their bri.. {read more}

Take advantage of your existing gazebo

Many resorts in Cancun and Riviera Maya have an existing concrete gazebo; therefore decoration is required to transform it from a regular gazebo to an extraordinary wedding location for your ceremony. An element that will always enliven a gazebo are flowers. One way to embellish it is by wrapping them around the posts of the gazebo. Or with colorful flower medallions. .. {read more}


Destination weddings teamwork (// from latinasia latinasia ( {read more}

The BLIND SIDE of your destination wedding

As a destination wedding professional with over 10 years experience, I see lots of things happening in the hood, some of them good and some of them ugly. Some things change or improve and some are just the same as 10 years ago. 10 years might sound like a long time but it all depends on how you have performed during all this time. As for me in particular 10 years have passed in a blink, why? Because I have focus.. {read more}

The Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya Where Paradise Comes to Play

The 1,264-room Hard Rock Hotel in Riviera Maya is where luxury meets satisfaction on a stage of stunning tropical views, a private white sand beach, and exclusive saltwater snorkeling areas. It’s all capped off with an inviting traditional design, legendary Hard Rock hospitality, and undeniable excess at every turn. Live large at the Hard Rock Hotel in Riviera Maya and enjoy the very best of paradise for all. Or, pack your appetite for opulence and hit Heaven — an eleva.. {read more}

The importance of punctuality on your wedding day!

Unpunctuality on a wedding day is one of the most common problems that every wedding planner has faced. It’s so typical to knock on the bride’s room and the first words they say when they open the door is “I'm almost ready just give me 2 minutes!” which in “wedding planner language” means at least 5 minutes more. But it’s ok, it’s her wedding day, five minutes is part of the tolerance time that every part of the wedding staff is aware of. B.. {read more}

The importance of the “extra flowers”

There are always things that might happen at your wedding , for example , here in Cancun or Riviera Maya, the weather can be the worst enemy for everyone involved in the planning of the event. Therefore, it’s essential to have a backup plan for each of the details to achieve the goal : your perfect destination wedding experience. Flowers play a very important role of your celebration and perhaps it is the most delicate thing to transport , to assemble and they’re vulner.. {read more}

The importance to choose the right centerpiece for your wedding

I’m sure, when you see a beautiful wedding reception set up, it is really hard to imagine all the hard work that is behind to make it happen. It seems to be just a couple of chairs, some tables, nice tablecloths and voila! It seems indoor or outdoor location doesn’t matter for making the perfect reception you have seen in magazines. Let me tell you a story. Christina was really excited about the preparation of her wedding. It was time to choose her wedding reception d&ea.. {read more}

The only source of knowledge is experience

Becoming a LATIN ASIA planning and logistics expert definitely made me see beyond what the customer normally sees. One of my tasks working onsite is to know perfectly the area where the set up will be done, and the most efficient way to doing it, no matter if it’s a beach, terrace, gazebo, hut or ballroom. Nowadays one of our most popular illumination decor are the twinkle lights strings with paper lanterns, that seems quite easy to set up, but they are not! And why I&rs.. {read more}

The perfect vendor for the perfect wedding

Everything is ready to start your wedding planning process. You have the perfect ring, you have the perfect man, you have the perfect date and the perfect destination wedding. Now is time to achieve the perfect vendor! It might be challenging searching for the right vendor that would be able to understand and capture the essence that you want for your wedding. And specially when it comes to a destination wedding, you might feel lost, looking for answers that not everyone can give .. {read more}

The Queen’s Crown

A great option that can dress up beautifully a bride are flower crowns, because they can add an ethereal touch to a bride’s big-day look. Whether you are having a bohemian, black tie affair or a modern wedding with a beach look, here’s everything you need to know about choosing a floral Crown that complements you. Get the placement right. Remeber that everybody is different, therefore every head sheap is different so while a floral Crown may look g.. {read more}

There is nothing as sad as a candle not lit

Being a wedding planner for more than 7 years with more than 2000 destination weddings executed, I can tell you that the majority of the weddings which had candles as part of the décor in an outdoor location, had problems keeping the candles lit. A real story It was almost a perfect wedding, we had all the right elements, the perfect outdoor, beach wedding location, flowers and décor, however the candles would not stay lit due to the wind. When Grace, the bride arriv.. {read more}

This is my friend, not a vendor!

Sara is a traditional bride, she is going to get married at Riviera Maya, and it seems her dream wedding will be come true finally. She had spent over a year exchanging emails with her local coordinator, everything seems ready, menu, locations, time and everything seems fine but when her coordinator told her about vendors and external vendors policies of $500USD fee , Sara thought all prices were expensive. This is where the problem started. She thought “I don’t have a proble.. {read more}

This won’t work for my wedding!

Choosing a color scheme for your wedding is one of the most important wedding planning decisions you will make because it will reflects you. But just because you have two or three favorite colors doesn’t mean they will work together for your wedding, here is where the trick is: think wisely. Let me tell you a story. Tiffany had more than two favorite colors: orange, green and black and wanted to use them at her wedding décor. She wasn’t sure about her wedding colo.. {read more}

Timeline for Destination Weddings

Organizing your dream destination wedding in Cancun or Riviera Maya Mexico can become overwhelming, that is why I have put together a timeline to make your destination wedding easier and stress free. 18 to 12 months before your wedding day v Choose your dream Destination v Decide on a hotel v Select the perfect time and day for your wedding ( Note: 4:00-5:00pm, the perfect time) v Determine your Wedding Budget .. {read more}

Tips for a Stress-Free Wedding Day

Tons of hours of preparation and planning for your wedding day, you think you have all covered but hey, things don’t always go as planned. From surprise guests to non ideal weather conditions, brides should expect the unexpected. Budget. Try to stick to your budget and leave away last minute additions to your wedding, keep in mind that it is possible that while you are onsite last minute changes a.. {read more}

TIPS for an Eco-friendly Wedding

How is it possible to have an ecofriend wedding and still keep the essence of elegance and sophistication many expect such an important event? Here are some tips for those environmentalists couples interested in creating awareness in their family and friends. Alternative Invitations- If you have the patience and skill , make your paper and includes pressed on paper petals and make a calligrapher write them or if you want to do it, pr.. {read more}

Tips From a Planner

With dozens of decisions (colors! cake! flowers!) and dozens more logistical details, planning nuptials can daunt even the most intrepid couple. It's no wonder that so many choose to hire a wedding planner to coordinate their big day so they can focus on the fun. But if you're up for handling it on your own, you can pull it off — as long as you approach it with a pro's mindset. Consider these tips: Look into hiring a professional planner on a limited basis. You may find that t.. {read more}

Tips to make the most out of your Wedding-Honeymoon in the Riviera Maya!

Choosing Cancun or the Riviera Maya for your wedding destination is a smart move. Why? Because not only you get to have a fabulous wedding venue, you get to enjoy your Honeymoon in paradise! It doesn’t matter if you are only here for a few days or even staying for a few weeks after your wedding. If you’re looking for chillaxing on the beach with your husband or full on adventure tours and excursions, the Riviera Maya has it all. Here are a few recommendations to make the.. {read more}

To Heels, or Not To Heels: That is the Question

Are you getting married on a beautiful beach with white sand in the Mexican Caribean sea and you haven’t decided whether or not you would like to feel the sand runs between your toes as you walk down the aisle? What a Shakespearean dilemma, isn’t it? If after a lot of thoughts you have decided to go for comfort over style and go barefoot, excellent choice! You can always have your lovely heels on a separate bag for you to take pictures in areas where sand is not part of.. {read more}

Top 10 Wedding Colors for 2016

Are you planning your wedding for 2016? Then, this may be very interesting for you. One of the very first things you need to decide during your planning process is your color scheme for all your wedding decoration, from the wedding invitations to the décor for your reception. Here you will find 10 colors you must consider for your 2016 wedding. 1. Rose Quartz: a perfect color to give your ceremony and reception a very a romantic and elegant look. . 2.. {read more}

TOP 5- Weddings colors for Summer 2016

“Yellow balloons drift in the wind, as their skins glitter in the summer sun - a "get-ready" sign for partying!” This summer we’ll see some breathtaking wedding color ideas with this colors. Check out the following treding wedding color tendencies. Blue. The blue color of the sky and the water is calm, infinite and sobriety. Favorite for young brides and the perfect option if you want an elegance and sofisticade wedding. Play with 2 tone.. {read more}

Touching story: love & gratitude to those who passed away

Every couple is special and unique for us. All have a story and Tata & Lamont made a one of a kind very meningfull story. I want to share with you a special and memorable moment of their wedding… When we were at last refining all wedding details and talking about personal flowers, Tata already had chosen every little detail for her destination wedding, but suddenly, she asked me for something special. I got curious because everything seemed to be ready, so I asked wh.. {read more}

Trashing the dress with That Moment Photo

Memories are born from moments that we create. Moments that we share with our loved ones and enjoy them at their fullest. And when you revive them with the people that was participant is like going back to time. That is how important having a profesional photographer for your wedding is. You want to be able to go back in time, show your Wedding pictures and talk about those great moments with your family that couldnt share that special day with you and of course to your kids and sh.. {read more}

True story… Are you ready for last minute changes?

The weather was incredible the day of rehearsal dinner. Just one day left for Katie & Jame’s Wedding. A beautiful sunny day and bright sky with gorgeous ocean view as the witness of their most important moment… it seems it will be perfect for their big day! But on the morning of the next day, something happened: cloudy skies and a strong prediction of thunderstorms and rain… a big surprise because even the weather forecast did not said a word about .. {read more}

Trust me. I am a professional

It is true that every bride plans for their dream wedding. Having the most stunning decoration, flowers and memories and of course, achieving everything by at a low cost. At the end when you did all of the above you feel like you can take over the world. That is why most of brides nowadays turn into DIY projects, although that is a great way to go, in ocassions by saving money and doing everything yourself might now guarantee that you will hace the dreaming wedding celebration you are lookin.. {read more}

Unique ideas to make your wedding totally YOU

Your wedding is YOUR day, and it should feel like the right fit for your personality from start to the end. What is the one thing that is completely original and unique about your wedding day, that no other wedding day has ever seen or done before? YOU. Let’s create an unforgettable experience for you and your guests with some of my favorite ideas to make your wedding unique and totally “you”, and the best is… these things cost LITTLE OR NO MONEY. 1) .. {read more}

Unplugged wedding

Remember the wedding with your eyes and heart. I have been in the wedding business for almost 7 years now and one of the many things I like to take a special care about is to create great scenarios that will be remembered in pictures. By this I mean that everything that I set or move I like to consider that it will make a good photo. A wedding is a celebration moment where everybody is excited and happy. Everybody wants to keep a memory and post it on social media .. {read more}

Villa Sol y Luna: An Ideal Place to Celebrate your Destination Wedding

Villa Sol y Luna is an oceanfront villa with a private pool conveniently located half an hour drive away from the Cancun Airport. This three story high, large and airy luxury residence is located along Playa del Secreto, or “Secret Beach,” a gated community with a handful of private oceanfront homes on one of the most pristine white sand beaches in the Riviera Maya. Sheltered by a row of palm trees, Sol Y Luna is the perfect hidden getaway for your destination wedding. .. {read more}

Vincent Guihard

The most important thing for couples after their wedding, it’s to see those GREAT wedding photos that captured their wedding day. We had the pleasure to work with Vincent Guihard, one of the best photographers in Riviera Maya! His work it’s beautiful and he’s amazing capturing those precious and unforgettable moments for your big day. Easily, we can describe his photographs like nothing we have ever seen before…and we can’t wait to see more of hi.. {read more}

Vintage is out; green, organic and rustic is in… Natural Magic

Eucalyptus leaf is going to be huge on the wedding scene for 2016, you will find eucalyptus everywhere from bridal bouquets, centerpieces, gazebos, floral decoration and table runners. Green is the new glamorous feel for your destination wedding. We are blending all nature elements in your destination wedding, nothing can be more beautiful than a rustic table full of green and have as a back drop our turquoise Caribbean Sea. Below you will find 3 different unique ways to use Eucalyptus leaf in y.. {read more}

Waves of flowers!

Having a spectacular destination wedding is the dream of every bride and a very important part to make this possible are the flower décor elements. A sweet bride came to Latinasia because she wanted her wedding was completely full of flowers. Many flowers on the gazebo, many flowers in her centerpieces, many flowers everywhere. Our Staff was given the task of looking flowers around Cancun because at the same day, three more weddings would take place, so the flowers were not.. {read more}

We are ready, are you?

Now that you are starting the search for vendors, ideas, location, among other things Wouldnt you love to have a smooth planning process to share your experience with everybody? But the main thing, wouldnt you love to actually say that is an easy process, as saying: We are getting married! After all, it is a celebration, you are supposed to enjoy and fall in love with the results of your planning process. Unfortunately not all brides can say that they actually were happy with it. B.. {read more}

We have a backdrop situation

Did you know that your sweethearts table is considered the “MOST important visual matter”? That is correct! It is one of the most important focal points at your wedding reception. It is the first ambiance that is seen as your guests arrive to your wonderful reception. You and your fiance are the King and Queen of the night, the main focus, therefore to assist you accomplish the wow factor there is nothing better that having a backdrop set that will help you rise the ext.. {read more}

Wedding Cake décor

Did you know that traditionally wedding cakes we made and served at a wedding reception to bring good luck to the guests and the bride and groom? Nowadays, they are placed in the reception as a feature, with beautiful décor perfectly placed and look stunning in photos. Sometimes wedding cakes are so extravagant that they are only for show, sometimes not even real cake! Here are some ideas for how you can have your wedding cake decorated: Ribbon Ribbon placed around the .. {read more}

Wedding historical traditions

When it comes to weddings either if you are the bride or a fortunate guest, there are several traditions that have changed through the years but we still repeat in behalf of the good fortune and luck for the bride and groom. Here are just a few explanations and how they have been improved and trust me, it was for the sake of everybody. White Dress The truth is that the dress wasnt always white. Not until Queen Victoria (whose reign was from 1837-1901) decided to go for a .. {read more}


One really nice way to welcome your guests to your destination wedding hotel, is to give them a welcome bag. Here are some must have items to add to the welcome bags for a wedding at Cancun or Riviera Maya. • Itinerary: once your guests arrive at the hotel is very important for them to know where to find you or the activities you have prepared for them during their stay, also for the wedding day, this way they will be at the right spot at the right time. .. {read more}

What goes in to creating your dream destination wedding with LATINASIA

With our busy schedules and day to day lifestyle we all lead, sometimes it can be easy to forget how much effort and time it takes to create something. At LATINASIA, we have hundreds of décor elements which have been carefully designed, handcrafted and perfected, so that your dream wedding can be reality. Before even confirming décor, there are so many things to consider. Let’s take for example the location of the events –You might have seen a photo online of a .. {read more}

What is behind the scenes

Creating stunning ambiences on the beach could be quite a challenge if you do not plan ahead of time the logistics to make this happen. Shading or some sort of tenting to avoid extreme sunshine or rain sounds like an easy job to do, but have you thought what it takes to make this happen? Not everybody is willing to afford it because they don't really know the real value to make this happen. Creating Shading or a tent in .. {read more}

What is behind your wedding floral production?

Flowers are a central part of a wedding not only as decoration but as a tradition. Flower arrangements can be THE key to the ambiance and general theme of the wedding, and a color palette can be born from just the bride's preference. As important as they are, the decision on concept and style is made and set, no matter if the wedding is only a few months ahead or a whole year away, sadly they will be left as one of the last tasks to deal with due to their fragile characteristics as living,.. {read more}

What is the price of your wedding?

Couples planning their destination wedding, keep asking themselves the same question: WHAT IS THE PRICE OF OUR WEDDING? It’s really difficult to put a price on a dream? We wish we could save the most for our wedding and sometimes, we dream that someone magically could show up and pay everything for our dreamed-wedding. Or even, we had imagined to be millionaires so that way we don’t worry about it and many other things. The truth is, not many people can afford t.. {read more}

What make Del Sol Photography perfect for your wedding?

One of the most recognized companies you will find in the Riviera Maya and Cancun, you may ask to yourself, what makes Del Sol Photography (http:// different from the others? Del Sol Photography (http:// a company that love to innovative, and specialize in destination beach wedding photography and underwater trash the dress shoots, who by the way are the pioneers in the world of trash the dress .. {read more}

What will your 2014 wedding look like?

Finally, 2014 is here! and as many wedding experts and most people say: 2014 will be the year or true romance. That’s why we’ll bring to you some specific trends to look out for. Specific flowers becoming popular. Weddings are going softer and sweeter, and one flower has really surprised us: Baby’s breath.This once outdated flower is returning and its looking better then ever. Succulents has become extremely popular especially in wedding bouquets. .. {read more}

What's not to love about a Blush wedding!

Get inspired by one of the most romantic colors – blush pink! So feminine and pretty, what’s not to love! A gazebo with blush pink drapes or flowers, stunning bouquets, lush centrepieces and many other décor options and accessories to incorporate this gorgeous colour into your big day. Here are a few tips and inspiration ideas for your dreamy blush wedding! .. {read more}

When weather challenges YOUR wedding!

The beauty of a destination wedding here at Cancun and Riviera Maya is indeed, the beauty of the white sand beach and the turquoise blue of the ocean. Add to that a romantic atmosphere enriched with flowers, candles, twinkle lights, fireworks, stunning music and delicious food. But in your planning process there is an important factor and it’s a must to think about:weather. If your ceremony or reception or both of them are going to be in an outdoor facility, be prepared a.. {read more}

Who do I need to get flowers for my wedding day?

Sarah asked herself this question many times and came with an answer: She will be having a team of bridesmaids and needed start thinking about what kind of flowers would work better for her wedding. Her team of bridesmaids was made up of her best friends and loved ones, each of whom in some way symbolizes an aspect of her life. Bridesmaids are a reflection of you, so when it comes to choosing the bridesmaid bouquets, Sarah kept this spirit in mind – she needed their bouquets shou.. {read more}

Who to invite?

It’s easy to get carried away organizing your destination wedding. With all the emotions and excitement, sometimes there may be details you’re forgetting about which you don’t realize and might just be one of the most important things – Family. Not all of us have tons of family members. I have a small family with one sister, and just a handful of cousins. My husband has even fewer close family members, so for us when we were planning our wedding it wasn’t to.. {read more}

Why being small is GREAT

Lots of people believe for some reason that the bigger is a brand, the better it is. I am not saying this might not be true, but in many cases quality has nothing to do with quantity. Being in the destination industry for over 11 years, and started right after one of the toughest things ever experienced and losing all after hurricane Wilma hit Cancun just 2 weeks after we moved from Japan to “paradise” has given us a clear understanding of one thing: strangers care.. {read more}

Yes, you can have a Jewish destination wedding in Riviera Maya!

We are all familiar with the broken glass wedding tradition, where usually the groom breaks the glass, and the wedding’s ‘cocktail hour’ begins. Therefore, most of what we recognize as Jewish wedding are a variety of customs and traditions that are steeped in history. Now the question is: it is hard to plan a Jewish destination wedding? Well, I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, destination Jewish or interfaith weddings can .. {read more}

You’re never too old to be a flower girl.

Don’t be afraid of leaving behind old wedding traditions; make it your own style. I understand the importance of traditions, but that doesn't mean you can't add in elements of your own. Imagine the face of your guests and family member when they find out that the flower girl is your sweet grandmother or aunt walking down the aisle throwing rose petals as if they were kids. They will add an extra touch of fun to your ceremony, don’t be afraid of being different from other des.. {read more}

Your gate to the sacred

Inspiration from architecture & meaning Torii is well know in Japan as the gates to the sacred. Amazing pieces of architecture have been built thoroughly since centuries ago. Inspired by their beauty and unique meaning as the gate to the sacred, I was inspired to design gate.. {read more}

Your soulmate

Your soulmate (// from latinasia latinasia ( {read more}

Your vows ready for a taylor made ceremony?

Your vows ready for a taylor made ceremony? Your ceremony is the heart and most awaited moment of your destination wedding experiece. Yet, many couples are uncertain about how to choose a minister. Are you in the same situation? It may be a little intimidating when we think about talking with the person who will be saying some of the most important words you will hear in your big day. So that’s why we present only the best choices for an amazing destination wedding expe.. {read more}

Your wedding guest

Your wedding guest (// from latinasia latinasia ( {read more}