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Don't get confused

Choosing the right elements impacts in the finish look. Having said that: ü It is not tacky, it is elegant; ü It is not colorful, it is vibrant; ü It is not monotone, it is blending in; ü It is not multicolor, it is contrasting; ü It is not about "goes well with" it is about being cohesive ü It is not about add, it is about combine; ü It is not about remove, it is about to select; &uu.. {read more}

Why being small is GREAT

Lots of people believe for some reason that the bigger is a brand, the better it is. I am not saying this might not be true, but in many cases quality has nothing to do with quantity. Being in the destination industry for over 11 years, and started right after one of the toughest things ever experienced and losing all after hurricane Wilma hit Cancun just 2 weeks after we moved from Japan to “paradise” has given us a clear understanding of one thing: strangers care.. {read more}

Your gate to the sacred

Inspiration from architecture & meaning Torii is well know in Japan as the gates to the sacred. Amazing pieces of architecture have been built thoroughly since centuries ago. Inspired by their beauty and unique meaning as the gate to the sacred, I was inspired to design gate.. {read more}