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7 Secrets That Can Make or Break
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Right elements for your location

I’m sure, when you see a beautiful wedding reception set up, it is really hard to imagine all the hard work that is behind to make it happen. It seems to be just a couple of chairs, some tables, nice tablecloths …and also, It seems indoor or outdoor location doesn’t matter for making the perfect reception you have seen in magazines. But nothing is that easy, decisions are very important when we talk about choosing right elements for right locations. Imagine that the bi.. {read more}

Practice makes perfect!

In your wedding day everything must to be perfect; your dress, decoration, flowers ... everything! But the road to perfection is long for our STAFF and the practice is everything. Our STAFF practices every day different settings up. For hours, new ways of achieving efficiency and perfection always taking care of the details are sought. The whole team participates and exhibits their point of views and constructive criticism about it. .. {read more}

Waves of flowers!

Having a spectacular destination wedding is the dream of every bride and a very important part to make this possible are the flower décor elements. A sweet bride came to Latinasia because she wanted her wedding was completely full of flowers. Many flowers on the gazebo, many flowers in her centerpieces, many flowers everywhere. Our Staff was given the task of looking flowers around Cancun because at the same day, three more weddings would take place, so the flowers were not.. {read more}