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When weather challenges YOUR wedding!

The beauty of a destination wedding here at Cancun and Riviera Maya is indeed, the beauty of the white sand beach and the turquoise blue of the ocean. Add to that a romantic atmosphere enriched with flowers, candles, twinkle lights, fireworks, stunning music and delicious food. But in your planning process there is an important factor and it’s a must to think about:weather. If your ceremony or reception or both of them are going to be in an outdoor facility, be prepared a.. {read more}

Outdoor wedding? CHOOSE the right candles

Having an outdoor wedding in Cancun or Riviera Maya sounds really romantic, but it could be quite a challenge too. Think on things that help you enrich the natural elements you already have out there. Something nice, romantic, affordable, but most of all functional for an outdoor wedding. Outdoor weddings here at Cancun and Riviera Maya have already fabulous natural elements to work with; sunshine, sunset and then the sky with stars!, birds, lovely tropical plants and of course beautifu.. {read more}