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If you are into the Bohemian Chic trend, fear no more because this amazing and unique style is not going anywhere. What exactly is the concept Boho-Chic? Is the idea to incorpórate elements from nature with touches of romanticism and every brides individual touch. Some brides might see it more as a influenced from the hippie culture for its free spirit but for the Bohemian brides and grooms is more about fashion; the airy dresses and flower crowns! And as for their.. {read more}

Special Bar for you

Think about the one place that most of your guest stop by, that is there all night and brings the fun to the party. If you are thinking that the dancefloor, you are mistaken. If you are thinking the bar and if you are reconsidering and doublé thinking it, you are right! Is the bar. Is curious how is the one place that you people forget about, specially when you realize that the bar is the one place that your guest go to. Think about it, it is worth to invest in and make it b.. {read more}

Indoor vs. Outdoor Wedding Ceremony: Pros & Cons

I’m sure you’ve been dreaming of an amazing wedding ceremony where you have as a backdrop the one and only Caribbean sea, indeed beautiful but there are a few important pros and cons to consider, if you are like many other brides out there who are struggling with the decision to hold their wedding indoors or outdoors, the next few tips may help you with this though decision! Outdoor Wedding Pro: The purpose of.. {read more}