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10 Tips for Planning a Wedding Like an Event Professional

A wedding is one of the most important days in any couple’s lives. Planning your own wedding can sometimes feel overwhelming and stressful, but if you follow these stress-free tips below, you will find planning your wedding will be smooth sailing, and more enjoyable from an expert event professional mindset. 1) Set a Budget, and Stick To It Weddings can be very expensive, and just like any other event, you may find yourself wanting to add additional items to your master l.. {read more}

The Queen’s Crown

A great option that can dress up beautifully a bride are flower crowns, because they can add an ethereal touch to a bride’s big-day look. Whether you are having a bohemian, black tie affair or a modern wedding with a beach look, here’s everything you need to know about choosing a floral Crown that complements you. Get the placement right. Remeber that everybody is different, therefore every head sheap is different so while a floral Crown may look g.. {read more}

From Black tie to Casual

When you invite your family and friends to your Destination Wedding, it will be thoughtful to specify from the get go what type of attire should they wear for your Wedding. If it either a black tie or a Casual dressing code they need to know in order to pack the right outfit, that way they wont fill underdress or overdressed. You might think it is not a big deal but your decoration has a lot to do and will cause a big impact on how your guest wil feel. For example, if you are havin.. {read more}