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Groom Friendly

When I get to do a wedding where the groom is involve in every step of the planning process, I have to make sure to keep his interest on all the time and not loose him somehwere in between flowers and colors. It is so much fun and ladies, lets be honest, it is so much better to share task, opinions and you can even shared the excitment and the feeling of preparing everything for your big day, after all it is a day where 2 persons are getting married to each other, so make sure he i.. {read more}

Holiday Wedding

In a past blog I wrote about the do’s and dont’s about choosing the perfect date for your wedding. On this new blog I want to focus on the things to considérate if you choose to go for a holiday wedding. One of the main things that couples like about it is because they love the idea of a long weekend. Longer the weekned, longer the party, I am right? You get to spend more time with friends & family specially if you are doing a Destination Wedding. .. {read more}

DIY your wedding flowers, does it worth it?

I have seen many brides looking to DIY some parts of their wedding floral décor thinking that by they doing it, it will not only save a lots of money but also will be a fun experience to share with their friends and family and I have seen many brides don’t do DIY their wedding floral décor because, it is a lot of hard work and stress for them. Photo by Dean Sanderson .. {read more}