A lot of brides might think that the first stressful thing that they have to handle is choosing the right theme color. And it might sound like a simple task but when you think it through is what will define most of your decoration, bridesmaid dresses, invitation among other things.


As a decorator is important to ask what is the theme color to give you a better guiadence but I have had lots of brides that havent decide their color yet, which is totally fine, becauuse perhaps you can be into more neutral colors for example. Such as White, off white and organic flowers. A bohemian chic style, perfect for outdoors and terraces venues.


One thing is for sure, colors are more of a trendy style, remember that they come and go. Stick to a color that you love and not because Pinterest suggested.


A last advice, to think about  befire you decide is your venue specially if you are doing an indoor event where you know there are things you can not remove, the best thing will be play and try to adjust it and choose a palette that could go with it.



So next time that somebody asks you about your theme color try to take in consideration the advices given to try to make your life and planning a Little bit easier. If you need more assistance dont hesitate to contact us to latinasia.flowers@gmail.com