If you are planning to have your destination wedding in Cancun or Riviera Maya, most likely you are thinking about having your wedding ceremony by the beach but they do present special aspects, you may consider these pros and cons ahead of time to be prepared and not to have an unpleasant surprises on your wedding day!



The “Pros”

-          Location, location, location, white sand beach and a majestic view of the Caribbean Sea? Sure! Perfect for epic pictures.

-          Keep it simple by using a romantic gazebo with hints of flowers so you and your lovely dress can be the focal point!

-          Relax! A beach wedding allows everyone to relax, your guests can dress with light and organic fabrics like cotton and linen so they can feel the breeze. Not everyone can afford to buy an expensive wedding outfit.

-          You can even have the wedding ceremony and reception right there on the beach so no need to move to different locations. Having kids in your guest list? Well, they can have fun too!







The “Cons”

-          Be prepared! You are stepping into Mother Nature playground and she rules! Depending on her mood, you can have a brighten and breeze day or rain on your parade! Hotels always have backup locations but be prepared to take that tough decision.

-          Ask questions. Can you lit real candles? Can you play music into the night? How late can you stay? Are there any restrooms nearby?

-          Oh almighty sun! Make sure to consider the comfort of your guests, provide some type of shade or bring sunscreen.



Beach weddings are absolutely beautiful but nature does provide an element of uncertainty, embrace it! Have fun!


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