How it works

  Despite you were referred to us from a hotel, a travel agent, a wedding planner or coordinator, or from a past bride, or just because you found us in Google, we truly care for your wedding. 
The process is simple and starts with listening more about you and your vision. Transform your destination wedding, remove the gap between your vision and your realitySTART HERE

Steps for creating your fabulous wedding experience:
  1. Once you explore how to transform your wedding.   You will receive from LATIN ASIA team suggestions of what you might need for each of your events. And of course links for LATIN ASIA catalogues & packages.

  2. Explore LATIN ASIA catalogues & packages and please send us screen captures of your selections, so that my staff can create your PO and send it to you for review.

  3. If you want to block and secure our services for your wedding day, it is as simple as to send 50% deposit payment, from that day our services will be blocked and secured for your wedding day.

  4. You can make as many changes as needed after placing the deposit, just keep in mind all has to be finalized and paid no later than 2 weeks prior your wedding


Planning your destination Indian wedding at a distance couldn´t be easier.

Transform your destination Indian wedding, remove the gap between your vision and your reality. 

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